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We're your #1 Free Apartment Locator

We're your #1 Apartment Locator service! Our commitment to finding you a quality home with a significant rebate opportunity and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again.

The Kennedy Apartment Complex | San Antonio Apartment Locator | Apartment Search

Give us your search criteria

Want a top-floor unit that is pet-friendly and has a pool? Need it to be close to your job? Our apartment locators work with you to find your perfect apartment complex by searching thousands of apartment searches, for FREE!

Axis at the Rim Apartment Complex | San Antonio Apartment Locator

A better way to search apartments

Our apartment locators have a comprehensive list of available apartment properties in the city.  When you put your apartment search in our hands we will personally verify rent rates and confirm special rebates for you. 


We're with you to the end of the line

One form submission or email request is all it takes to start your apartment search. Your apartment locator will help you review all your apartment options,  help you narrow down the list, and answer any questions you may have.

The Baldwin Apartment Complex |  San Antonio Apartment Locator

Sign your lease with confidence

Rent prices, specials, and availability change. Sometimes several times a day! Our apartment locators don't just email you a list of apartments and leave you on your own. Our apartment locators confirm details and follow up with you.

San Antonio Apartment Locator Service | Apartment Search


How Does Our Apartment Locator Work?


Our experienced agents have been working in the San Antonio area for years and we are dedicated to finding your next home. We will work swiftly and accurately to find what you're looking for so you can get settled and focus on what's important.

Step 1 – Request a FREE report by submitting your search criteria on our apartment locator form.

Step 2 – We will review your criteria and email a report of our apartment inventory that matches your criteria.

Step 3 – After we discuss the properties you are most interested in, we will set up an appointment for a showing and/or give you the contact information of the apartment complex so that you may set up your own appointment.

Step 4 – Every apartment complex will ask “How did you hear about us?” Make sure you write "Military Apartment Locator" on all paperwork so we can request the service fee and get you your FREE rebate!


The amount of your rebate is a $300 Amazon E-Gift Card. Requirements of this rebate program are:


  • You must list “Military Apartment Locator” as your locator/referral source on all guest cards, applications, and any other documents presented by the apartment complex.

  • You must meet the apartment complex's minimum lease requirement to be eligible for the rebate.

  • The rebate will be funded with the service fee paid by the apartment complex.


Depending on how fast the property approves the invoice for the rebate, please allow 4-6 weeks for processing from the date you move in.

If you need a temporary place to stay while you wait for your new apartment, check out They specialize in short to mid-term vacation rental and corporate housing.

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Military Apartment Locator | Los Angeles Apartment Complex | Apartment Finder

San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX

Military Apartment Locator | San Antonio Apartment Complex | Apartment Finder

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA

Military Apartment Locator | Sacramento Apartment Complex | Apartment Finder

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Military Apartment Locator | Los Angeles Apartment Complex | Apartment Finder


Military Apartment Locator

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Open to all who need help finding an apartment. Our free apartment locator service offers fast and customizable results with a potential $300 rebate!