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5 Essential Tips for Young Veteran Renters

Updated: May 16

5 Essential Tips for Young Veteran Renters | Military Apartment Locator

For young veterans preparing for a move into civilian life in the San Antonio area, one of the most important elements is finding a place to live. Ideally, this is something that’s affordable, in close proximity to work opportunities, colleges, shopping, dining, and entertainment. If this is your first time renting, there’s a lot to learn too. That’s why the experts at Military Apartment Locator have put together this helpful guide so you can get started finding the perfect place to call home.

Find an Affordable Rental

Your first step is to find a rental unit within your budget in your preferred San Antonio neighborhood. To begin your search, use a site like Military Apartment Locator. By setting the right price range for your search, you’ll be able to filter out apartments that are too expensive. You’ll be able to find affordable rentals with amenities like off-street parking and modern kitchens. You can also input other rental filters, like pet-friendliness, hardwood floors, or your ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This will ensure that you don’t waste valuable time contacting landlords about properties that won’t suit your needs and budget.

If you’re new to the area, it can be hard to sift through neighborhood options, but as one of the largest urban centers in the US, there are plenty of properties throughout the city. Whether you want to be in an urban or residential setting, San Antonio has an eclectic selection of neighborhoods to fit anyone’s preferences. For example, there’s North Central, Uptown Central, the West Side, and Stone Oak.

Create a Budget

With a move to civilian living, you might be surprised by how quickly all of your expenses add up! That’s why it’s so important to estimate your monthly living costs before your official move-in date and create a reasonable budget that will allow you to cover all of your costs while leaving a little wiggle room to have fun. Tough Nickel recommends including the costs of rent, groceries, utilities, insurance, internet, your phone bill, and any other essentials in your budget.

Learn to Cook

If you haven’t had to cook or never really learned, you might be tempted to eat frozen foods or order takeout most of the time. But this can be costly and unhealthy! That’s why learning to make tasty and nutritious home-cooked meals is so important. To get confident about your cooking skills, you’ll want to get as much practice as you can. Ask your relatives and friends for their favorite recipes, and invite new friends you’ve made through work or school to come over for dinner!

Clean Your Space

When you’re balancing work, social obligations, and other responsibilities, it can be tough to find the time to clean your apartment from top to bottom. But you need to stay on top of cleaning on a weekly basis. Otherwise, your apartment will become cluttered and dusty, and you may even end up dealing with a mold problem.

It’s a good idea to get into a weekend cleaning routine. Maidright recommends putting away any items lying around, cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures, dusting other surfaces, vacuuming your carpets or mopping hardwood floors, and taking out the trash. You might also want to talk to your landlord about additional services like finding a gutter cleaning near you.

Communicate With Your Landlord

If this is your first time renting from a landlord, you might be familiar with the basic communication etiquette. You should keep a file with a copy of your lease and any of your other legal documents. If you need assistance with a maintenance issue that you can’t fix, contact them as soon as possible. Whether you’re calling your landlord on the phone, texting them, or sending them an email, it’s important to be calm and respectful.

Stepping into civilian life means accepting new responsibilities and deciding your own direction in life. Whether you’re living by yourself or with roommates, it will bring both challenges and perks. With these tips, you’ll be more than ready to move into your own rental.

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