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5 High-End Apartment Amenities

As new apartment complexes go up around the nation, the space is becoming more saturated and leading to increased competition to capture renters. The main way to compete is through pricing strategies and marketing but if both of those have been maxed out, the next trick is offering better amenities.

If you’re trying to decide between Apartment A and Apartment B and they have the exact same price and location, make sure to check out the “extras” that you get if you pick one over the other. Hidden amenities could potentially save you a lot of money and make your stay much more comfortable for you and your guests. Here’s a list of 5 amenities to check for.

1. Pet Amenities

Plenty of apartment complexes offer facilities and amenities for you and your pets. These can range from a simple dog walking area to a full-on puppy playground complete with slides, chutes, and ladders. There are even dog washing stations that you can use to wash your puppy in instead of using your tub or paying an arm and a leg for at the pet salon.

2. Community Area Wi-Fi

If your complex offers community areas like game rooms, basketball courts, or outdoor cooking areas, you’re going to want to some free Wi-Fi. Oftentimes, these areas are located near the leasing office so it shouldn’t be uncommon for them to extend their Wi-Fi coverage to all of these common areas. Make sure to ask about it so that you don’t have to run back and forth to your apartment as you try to do things like download music or Facetime friends.

3. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Areas

Want to grill some steaks but don’t have the space to setup your own grill? Make sure you check to see if your new apartment offers a community grilling area. In order to cut down on damages and potential of renters burning down their own patios (by accident, of course), complexes are offering community grills and outdoor kitchens as an added amenity to their guest but also to cover their liability exposure. A free grill beats having to pay for one, set it up, and move it.

4. Car Charging Station

With the emphasis to go green and save the environment, there are a lot of tax rebates for offering green options such as electric car charging stations. If you have one of those cars, you’re going to need to charge it so you might as well stay in an apartment that offers plenty of stations to charge your car.

5. Concierge Trash Pick-Up

Raise your hand if you hate lugging your trash all the way to the community dumpster? Yup, we’ve all been there but the trash still needs to get taken out. Luckily, there are companies that offer concierge trash pickup. All you have to do is put your trashcan outside of your door on the designated dates and they’ll empty it for you. What could be better than someone else taking out your trash???

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