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Convertible Furniture

What is “convertible furniture” and why should you consider it during your next move?

Convertible furniture or multi-use furniture is furniture that has multiple roles. Standard furniture has one function. If you buy a couch you expect to use it as a couch. The same goes for a dinner table or a chair. But what if you need a desk, bed, couch, and a dinner table but your new apartment isn’t big enough to use all of that? Or what if you're looking for some apartment money saving tips? That’s where your creative skills and convertible furniture can come to the rescue.

Here are some examples of furniture pieces to consider.

Sleeper Sofa

This piece of furniture is a staple in many efficiency apartments and tiny homes. You can use it to lounge on during the day and when it’s time for bed, you just remove the cushions and pull out your bed. Oftentimes, you can get them in a full or queen size which is the size of a normal bed.

Storage Ottoman

Every great living room needs a sofa and a coffee table. For the latter, you can get extra storage by choosing an ottoman that has storage built inside of it. You can use that to store blankets, pillows, books, etc.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed also called a wall bed, pull down bed, or fold-down bed, is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet. This can be great in a studio apartment where your space is limited. During the day the bed is stored securely to the wall and at night you can fold it down. There are even versions that have desks or shelves that you can use while it’s stored in the upright position.

Drop Leaf Table

When you’re alone in your apartment you don’t need a large table but when people come over, you’ll need that space for extra place settings. A great way to cover both situations is getting a table that has a drop leaf or expandable options. This saves on space and offers you the potential to accommodate larger groups.

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