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Forgotten Areas to Clean

With COVID, everyone is staying home more which can be great time to finally knock out that to-do list but it also means that you are bringing in more dirt and dust than you normally would. With all of that extra time on your hands, turn off Netflix and clean these often forgotten areas.

Remotes - What’s most commonly on the list of “Dirtiest things in a hotel”? The remote! (or clicker depending on where you’re from) If you are like most hotels, you never clean your remote. Germs can easily pile up on remotes, making it a commonly overlooked household item. Wipe that thing down with an anti-bacterial wipe or disinfectant once a week to keep germs from spreading.

Washing machine - Have your clothes lost that fresh scent after running through the wash? It’s time to clean your washing machine. While every machine is different, you can clean your washing machine in just one cycle. Try pouring a mix of white vinegar with baking soda into your washer, and run the cycle on hot. You can also keep your washing machine extra clean by leaving the lid or door open between uses. Front loaders are notorious for holding onto water in the door seal so make sure you run a towel through the folds of the seal to get all of the residual water. Most stores sell washing machine cleaning tablets for a simple solution.

Light switches, door knobs and handles - if you have young kids, chances are these are already getting cleaned regularly thanks to sticky and messy hands that seem to touch everything. For everyone else, switches, knobs and handles are touched in your home hundreds of times each day. Make sure to wipe down popular bathroom door handles or kitchen cabinet knobs on a regular basis to eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria.

Ceiling fans - ever looked at the top of your ceiling fan blades? Probably not. When your ceiling fan isn’t running, a thick layer of dust can collect on the blades. The easiest trick to cleaning your ceiling fan in seconds is to put a pillowcase over the fan blade and wipe the dust off inside of the pillowcase. Easy and mess-free, repeat this process for each blade and your ceiling fan will be ready to run dust-free.

Under appliances - you can’t avoid cleaning behind the refrigerator or under the stove forever. It can be easy to forget small spaces under appliances collect loads of dust, dirt, grime, and even food. Pull your refrigerator out, clean the coils with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum, then wipe down the walls, floor and all sides of the refrigerator with a damp rag and soap. Repeat this process for under your stove, oven, and any other appliances.

Coffeemaker - Rinsing out your coffee pot isn’t going to cut it. If you have a classic coffeemaker, you should be cleaning it daily. This includes a gentle rinse with warm water and soap. To really give your coffeemaker a deep clean, you’ll first want to run a cycle of equal parts white vinegar and water, then run another cycle with only water to eliminate the smell of vinegar. This will decalcify the machine and help prevent mold growth. For newer coffeemakers, they have a “clean” option. Always check your user manual for the recommended way to clean.

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