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Redecorating Your Rental Home

Updated: May 16

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According to 2019 data, roughly 36% of households rented, rather than owned, their home or apartment. For these individuals, there are specific things to keep in mind when redecorating.

Decluttering Before Changes

Before you decide to redecorate, make sure the area is clean and clutter-free. In some cases, clutter can negatively impact mental health due to excess visual stimulation. Removing that stimulation allows you to see the room itself rather than all the stuff in it. Once everything you do not use or want is cleared out, you can decide what you need to keep or change.

Planning for Success

Planning is important to your redecoration success. Decide which rooms you are going to work on. Regardless of how you are redecorating or the style you are going for, keep the rental regulations in mind. You may not be able to paint or put holes in the wall. Carefully read your rental agreement during the planning stage of your redecoration project so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do.

Accommodating Your Needs

If you work remotely, consider redecorating your home office to match your professional needs. This space should be distinct from other areas in the home so that you can minimize distractions and keep all your work material organized.

Many individuals decide to repurpose furniture from other parts of the home in their office. If you want to use an old or damaged sofa or chair, a furniture upholstery service can restore it to good condition. The prices vary based on size, material, and custom requests. A large couch may cost substantially more, but smaller pieces will cost less.

If you are redecorating other areas of your home, you may need to make some adjustments for your kids. If your children play in the living room often, it might be helpful to purchase an attractive storage area for their toys. This allows them (or you) to put playthings away quickly. Washable rugs and paint finishes are great for those with small kids.

Some rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, may benefit from a calming atmosphere. Choose soothing colors and textures and incorporate some of your favorite items. Try peel-and-stick wallpaper to add a pop of color and elegant touch to your walls. It’s easy to apply and removable and doesn’t leave a residue which makes it an ideal option for renters.

Shopping With a Goal

When it is time to shop for new furniture or decor, do so strategically. Visit stores at slower hours so you can peruse more freely. List measurements in a notebook or on your phone for everything you need to purchase and bring a tape measure so you can check the size of items in the store. If possible, bring paint samples or fabric swatches of the colors already in the room so that you can more easily determine if a certain item will match.

Moving to a New Home

For some people, no amount of redecorating will make their current home work for them. That's when you know it is time to move. Use the internet to research the housing market in your area. A real estate agent will be invaluable in your hunt for a new house.

Every home is different, so every redecorating project will be different. Keep the specific needs of your family and the particulars of your rental agreement in mind as you work. And if you’re a veteran looking for a new rental to call home, visit Military Apartment Locator to find a quality home!

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