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Why Businesses Should Hire Veterans and How to Get Started

Updated: May 16

Why Businesses Should Hire Veterans and How to Get Started  | Military Apartment Locator

When it comes time to hire employees for your small business, be sure to count veterans in. Former US service members have a lot to offer the workforce, but they often struggle to find gainful employment. Your business can help ensure that veterans make the most of their abilities and find work that provides stability and job satisfaction.

Here are some tips from Military Apartment Locator to get your business ready for veterans and welcome them to your workplace.

Before You Hire

Hiring is a serious commitment to an employee, and if you want to make your job offer attractive, you need to provide a stable workplace. That’s why it’s so important to establish a strong business foundation before you start hiring. You may need to bring on a person here or there at the beginning, but be sure you accurately convey the risk of joining a business in the early stages so they know what they’re getting into.

There are several steps you should take before you expand your hiring practices fully. For example, you should take some time to compare the different business structures your company might use. If you’re working in an industry where you might get sued, for example, it may make sense to form an LLC for your business. This offers some legal protections so that your personal assets aren’t at risk in the event of a lawsuit. These steps are essential for providing the kind of security that job hunters are searching for.

Why Hire Veterans?

Even if you’re not opposed to hiring veterans that might happen to apply to job openings, you might wonder why businesses would consider recruiting veterans specifically. There are several reasons for this. First of all, veterans have a ton to offer the workplace. Military enlistment teaches skills such as discipline, adaptability, and the ability to easily transition between independent and group work. This isn’t even to speak of some of the more specialized skills members develop as they through training and discover their strengths.

Moreover, many businesses recruit from veteran populations simply because they’re often overlooked. Many veterans have poor long-term outcomes, and that can come down to what kind of career opportunities they’re able to find. By recruiting vets, your business can help ensure that former service members have the resources they need to build a good life.

Hiring Tips

If you’re interested in recruiting veterans, your first step should be reaching out to veteran job-placement organizations. These groups are designed to match veterans to opportunities that will suit their needs and abilities. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure that your job opening is seen by vets who would fit the role you’re hiring for.

When it comes time to interview interested candidates, remember that this evaluation process is a two-way street. You need to make sure your business has something valuable to offer them beyond just a paycheck. For example, many veterans have disabilities: Is your office or workspace accessible? Do you have good health insurance that includes benefits for physical and mental health? Is your benefits package fair and competitive? Take some time to think about what your business has to offer, and make sure it’s worth veterans’ time.

Veterans have a lot to offer your company, and we hope this article inspires you to recruit them for your next big job opening. Focus on creating opportunities for vets to thrive, and watch them exceed your expectations.

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